Wednesday 10 July 2013

Signs of Summer

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer. 

I know because there are:

Blue skies, hot sun.  Spanish visitors, swallows.  Hay fever, fake tan.  Exams, repeats on TV.  Paddling pools, sun block.

Car windows left down, sleeping with the windows open.  Maxi dresses, shorts and t-shorts.  Salad for lunch, ice creams for tea. 

Water, smoothies.  Flip flops, bare feet.  Sleeping under a sheet, sleeping in underwear.  Cool showers at the end of a day, cool showers to start the day.

Water sprinklers, water fights.  Garden loungers, lawn mowers.  BBQ’s, beer gardens.  Beaches, swimming pools.  Road trip, summer holidays. 

Painted toe nails, tan lines.  Sun glasses, picnics.   Wimbledon, strawberries and ice-cream.    Ice boxes, summer songs on the radio.

Bikini’s, tankini’s. 99’s, belly buttons.  River swimmers, joggers.  Electric picnic, Oxegen. 

And the best bit?  According to Met Eireann, this fantastic weather is set to continue for the next three weeks.

That’s right.  Three weeks!

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