Wednesday 24 July 2013

Button Picture Project

My boys have often come home from school with works of art that consist of buttons carefully glued onto various pieces of cardboard and paper.

I duly and diligently file them in the growing number of lever arch files I keep for their creations and promptly forget about them.

But when I saw this on my addiction that is Facebook, I fell in love.

Crafts by Amanda

Isn’t it gorgeous?  On closer inspection it appeared I could make it myself.

I experienced a strange mixture of fear and fizzing excitement.

I don’t “do” make and do.  I just don’t.  I hold no interest in it whatsoever so I was scared if I attempted to recreate the button picture, I would make a mess of it. 

But there was also an easy to follow tutorial on how to do it and this was the cause of my excitement.

Maybe it was possible.  Maybe it was possible to do without me making a mess of it.

I let the thought fester.  I needed to get comfortable with it. 

It sounds ridiculous but I think I just might have a make and do phobia.

So after a month or so, I finally took my finger out and bought the supplies I needed after deciding to make a Four Seasons collage.    

There is a great discount store near where I live and they have a fantastic arts and crafts section as you walk in.  I bought four small canvas boards, a bag of buttons and some PVA glue.

Back in the day Mister Husband liked to draw and paint so I managed to source some of his old supplies, namely some water colours and a brush.

Firstly I sketched the outline of a tree onto the canvas with a pencil.  Took me ages with the first one, so determined was I not to ruin it.

When that was done I set to painting it in.  They dried really quickly

Then came the fun part.  I went through the bag of buttons and divided them up into spring, summer, autumn and winter colours.    Then began the task of gluing them onto each canvas.

These are the finished pictures.  I hope you like them!






  1. Wow! Love it. Am also not crafty but feel inspired now!

    1. I got the 'reply' option.....Could it be that I just need someone else to comment and then I can sneak a reply in?!