Wednesday 29 April 2015

I Am Glad

As another day draws to a close and I chase my boys up the stairs and into their beds, hoping they’ll stay there, I am glad.

Glad that all I have to deal with is the boring minutiae of every day life such as school runs, homework, uniforms, and meals, cooking and cleaning.  Thankful that I don’t have anything more serious than that to contend with.

What troubles me and my family can be sorted and is being sorted.  But for others it goes on.  Never really goes away.  It’s always there in the background, insidious and evil.  

We never know what the person we chatted to in the supermarket is going through.  What they are going home to or what they are escaping from.

Always be a little kinder than necessary. 

As our world grows ever bigger, louder, competitive and busy, we are all still trying to get 
through the same day.

Each with our own troubles and difficulties.

Say hello.  Smile.  Tell that harassed looking mother in the school yard or supermarket that she is doing a great job.  Buy that suspended coffee in your local cafĂ©. 

Try not to judge. 

It’s a funny old world filled with even funnier people.  Sometimes it’s so funny it can reduce you to tears.

But we’re in it.  And we’re in it together. 

There’s room for us all. 

Move over.  Push up.

Your problems could be worse. 

Mine too.