Wednesday 10 April 2013

Joy Pockets for March

These joy pockets are all about the Easter holidays.  Either before, during or after.  It really was  lovely month.  Weather aside, there was a definite hint of Spring in the air. She may have been still in her cave sleeping but the brighter evenings and mornings made me believe she was finally stretching and thinking about coming out to play.

In fact, the weather has had such a bearing on my mood of late; I am no longer in doubt that the winter and I are sworn enemies.  That in itself is a joy pocket because I have realised it is not me, it is just the way my head works at that time of year.  All my little tricks didn’t work a damn and I feel I have something to really work with now.  In the same way I know Oldest Boy will have to spend July sucking on his inhaler so I have to build up his resistance in June, I too may put in place, a winter killing blues arsenal.  I am doing my research on this as I type.

But as it is starting to look like this post is rapidly becoming a Stress Pockets post instead of a joyous one, I will crack on with my giving thanks for the month of March.

Good weather. There are a couple of lethal holes outside our back door courtesy of the boys.  They spent hours in them one day, in the dirt, in their bare feet. One of them came in and asked for his swimming trunks.


A wonderful night out in the pub. Really really wonderful.  Must do that more often.  Can you tell I Don’t Get Out Much?

A lovely Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning with friends.  Despite the freezing cold wind that threatened to turn us all to stone, hot beverages and warm chat kept the adults going and the kids opted to sit in the cars to enjoy their spoils.

The change in the hour.  Definitely springing forward is miles better than falling back.  Brighter mornings and longer evenings.    

Easter holidays from school with my boys.  They were great.  The holidays I mean.  Really enjoyed them. There were lots to do, places to go to and it took the burn off the summer holidays which are just round the corner.  Where is this year going???

Having lovely play dates on those school holidays with the lads.  They were happy.  Their friends were happy.  And I was happy out sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee all afternoon with a lovely friend.  Just shooting the breeze.

Swimming on Thursday mornings followed by pancakes and hot chocolates. 

Running in the Ray for 5k in the Phoenix Park on 29th March.  What an almighty buzz!  Literally ran it with a smile on my face for the whole thing.  I love running.  #foundmything 

Massive joy pocket alert.  Being contacted by an editor who asked me what my going rate is.  She also called me a free-lancer!!  I felt very professional.  Good things to come!  Chasing this gig for ages now. 

Music choice for March was The Lumineers, an American folk rock band.  Am particularly fond of “Flowers in Your Hair” to get your feet stompin’.  Have a listen to them.  You won’t regret it.  Ho Hey!

The Lumineers

Organising a holiday for the summer.  Another week away in Ireland.  When I say organise, I mean taking phone calls from my sister in law who is doing all the hard  organising work and telling her everything sounds fantastic.  Which it does. 

Running another lovely 5k in my hometown at the beginning of April.  The first in hopefully an annual event.  It was great.  I loved absolutely every single minute of it.  Even when I was getting carried away with the thoughts that it was looking like I was going to be the first “lady” across the 5k finish line and then my competition appeared as if from out of the hedge.  Whooped my prideful ass and made me second “lady” instead!  Great fun run!

Lovely Liam absolutely insisting that he goes to sleep with me because he “wants to mind” me.

What do you give thanks for this week/month?

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