Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day Used to Suck

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I have never received a Valentine’s Day card.  There.  I’ve admitted it out loud.  Never, ever did our postman deliver to me a pink or red envelope on Valentine’s Day. 

All together now, “awwwwwww!”

All is not lost, however, I did receive a few that were hand delivered but everyone knows that doesn’t count.  The important cards are the secret admirer ones.

One time I even forgot that it was Valentine’s Day such was my poor me attitude.  I was in the dentist’s chair with a numb face and he asked me how many did I expect to get?

For a second I thought he was talking about fillings or extractions.  The semi-botoxed mouth on my face must have registered my “wha?” of panic; he remembered where I was and quickly said, “Cards!  Valentine’s cards!”

That was worse.  At least I knew there would be a filling or two.  The faint prospect of a “maybe” when it came to receiving a Valentine’s Day card was almost too much to bear. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though.

Like I said I did receive some nice Valentine’s Day gifts and gestures.

Once I was even taken out for dinner.  To Abrakebabra.  We stayed in the car and ate our spicy churned up meat stuff on chips.  Then went home.  Stingy Bastard!

I was never was, and still am not, a fan of Hallmark Day, sorry Valentine’s Day meals in restaurants, but even I was a tad embarrassed by that fast food outing.

Another time a gorgeous flower arrangement made its way to my desk in front of 30 odd work colleagues.

Thrilled?  Me?  I was only purple with delight.  (Mister Husband is not a stingy bastard) 

In the same way that Christmas is for kids, Valentine’s Day is strictly reserved for love struck teenagers and newlyweds.  It is a nice sentiment. But that is all it is – a sentiment.

I like to receive chocolates and flowers out of the blue rather than because a date on the calendar dictates that I should.

So for all of you out there embarking on rose mantic weekend breaks away, bling, posh chocolates and bubbly; enjoy.

Because it won’t last you know.

Before you know it you’ll be glad to get breakfast in bed consisting of half boiled eggs, cold tea and toast with bites taken out of it.  Propped up on the corner of your tray will be a card, quite possibly with marmalade on it, made in school the day before. 

But you know what?  Those are the best Valentine’s presents. 


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  1. Sooo true, I just got my card from playschool and was more excited by it than any 'official' version I got over the years : )
    P.s. never got the 'secret admirer' type either!

  2. Ah, the secret admirer and mysterious valentines cards are an elaborate lie to dement us!!