Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Joy Pockets for This Year So Far

First one is a Seasonal one.  And that would be the stretch in the evenings.  Already. Which is proof in light that spring is just around the corner.

Being picked to test some beauty products in a well-known “Wimmins” magazine.   And then discovering I was the winner of some more on Facebook!  I’ll be only gorgeous!

Continuing to have wonderful, inspiring chats with like-minded, creative people.  Both in person and in cyber space.    

Making cops and robbers Lego men with my boys.

Watching MacGyver with Oldest Boy.  He is almost (I said almost!) as impressed as I am with the man.

Receiving wetsuits for the boys in the post and letting them open their own post. 

Having a look under the stairs at the still too large supply of nappies but knowing that once they are gone, I will never have to buy any more.  Operation Toilet Training is pencilled in for summer 2013.

Coming out the other side of another dose of the hormentals!  I cannot put into words how bogged down this bastard makes me feel sometimes.  When I am in the thick of it, I know it will pass.  It always does.  And when it does, I see clearly again. 

Looking at Shy Boy in the pool with just one armband on and the look of sheer pride and delight on his face that he has finally caught up with his older brother!!

Similarly having a lovely week or two with Shy Boy who has started the lovely habit of sneaking up on me to give me a hug and tell me that he loves me.

Going out to feed the birds one morning and seeing, under the white ice and flakes of snow, green shoots pushing their way up through the dirt.  Spring!!!  How lovely to see you!

An early morning run and seeing the sky change from dark grey to brilliant red. 

My choice of music for this month was Del Amitri.  It brought back some lovely memories of handing in my notice when I was unhappy in a crappy job and receiving one of their albums in cassette form (remember those?) from a girl in accounts as a goodbye present.  And subsequently listening to it on a driving tour of the West with Mister Boyfriend.

Bringing Juno for her first ever run with me.  Total success.  She loved it.  There is no going back now that I have a willing and able running partner.

Discovering lovely messages on the chalk board from Shy Boy.

Registering for my second 5k with Ray in The Phoenix Park for the end of March.  And also pencilling in 6th April for another one in my home town.

Oldest Boy turned 7 and for the third year he had a weather perfect birthday party at home.  There was even a decent snow fall at 5pm which was the icing on their cake.

A week or so later, the same boy discovered an interesting book in a friend’s car; Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  No better gift for a person to receive than the gift of reading. 

Getting a lovely, lovely Facebook message from a follower/fan (ok, she’s my cousin!!!!) but it made my day.  Apparently I have managed to somehow inspire her to start running.         

After twenty three years, meeting up with classmates and discovering that we haven’t changed a bit.  A wonderful night with great music, lovely food, followed by Tequila and cartwheels on the dance floor.

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