Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Today You're My Favourite

Because I know you have a hard time saying “love ya” so you yell “I LOVE YOU FOREVER” when I buy you a magazine you weren’t expecting.

Because you very nearly always knock me over with one of your fierce rugby hugs.

Because when I wake you in the morning, you always wrap your arms around me for a sleepy hug and then ask me for brown bread.

Because you always say thank you when I give you something.

Because you have amazing bed head hair and tell me you will “mind” me.

Because you love to show me how far you can swim under water in the pool.

Because you ask me for a hug and a kiss and if I don’t respond quickly enough you lift my arm to wrap it around yourself.

Because you are my squish.

Because you come to me when you get a quiet moment to have a chat about something that is bothering you.

Because you hand me a picture with a love heart on it and say it’s your heart for loving me with.

Because you are so good with your little brother.

Because you make me laugh with your never ending stream of made up jokes.

Because you love to help by peeling carrots for dinner and making the pancake batter.

Because you have a voracious appetite for reading and all things scientific and of nature.

Today you’re my favourite because you are my oldest, my youngest and my two boys in between.

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  1. oh that's just lovely. I didn't spot where it was going - lovely