Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Another Happy Birthday.

This day 6 years ago, our second boy came into the world at 9.30pm.  An hour and a half after reaching the hospital. 

Born on New Year’s Night.  Not the best time in the world to be born. 

Having a December birthday myself, I spent much of my youth trying to figure out if it sucked or was a blessing in disguise being born so close to Christmas.

He’s not doing too badly for himself. 

He has had a family birthday celebration already and he will do it all over again with his school pals in a couple of weeks. 

To mark his 6th birthday, he very kindly allowed me to interview him. 

Allow me to add in the odd photo of him growing up as he answers his questions.  I would like to start with his very first picture ever, taken when he was approximately twenty minutes old.

Let the interview begin.

How old are you?  

What is your favourite animal? 
Great white shark.  Because he has sharp teeth and can tear down prey.

What is your favourite food? 
Apples.  But my teeth are falling out and a bit sore so I don’t eat them now.

What is your favourite game?  
Lego Lord of the Rings.  It’s on my Nintendo DS

What is your favourite thing to do? 
Play with my brothers but not all the time coz sometimes they are a bit mean.

What was your favourite holiday? 
 When we went to Rosslare.  Because there was a beach.

Where is your favourite place to go?
 Swimming.  I love that place!

What is your favourite restaurant? 
I think Barry’s.  (J-1 Cafe in Emily Square, Athy)

Where would you like to go on holidays?
To Legoland.

What makes you happy?
When you are around.  (I swear I did not prompt him on that one.  But I may have wanted to cry when he said it.)

What makes you sad?
If someone whacked me. 

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Maybe a scientist.

If you had one wish, what would you ask for?
I would ask for a big motorbike!

What does your daddy work at?
In an office.  He does jobs for other people to get money.

What does your mammy do all day?
Makes dinner.  And stuff.

What are you most excited about doing this year?
The summer because we can play with the sprinkler.

Happy 6th birthday, Iarla.  You still rock my world.  xxxxx 

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  1. An interview he'll treasure and thanks for the photos, to someone who has never met him he kind of looks how he talks!!!! Happy belated birthday to Iarla and you!