Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Joy Pockets for July 2014

WE are smack bang in the middle of July.  Into our third week of school summer holidays yet it feels like they have been off much longer.  And not in a bad way.  I am really, really enjoying the time off.  So I thought I would document some of my joy pockets for July. 

The weather.  Isn’t it great?  Already we have been blessed with long days filled with hazy, warm, buttery yellow sunshine.  The water sprinkler got put through its paces so vigorously it is in a cracked heap on the grass.   We are a short and t-shirts house for the last 6 weeks or so and it is great.  Really cuts down on the washing and gets Vitamin D onto Irish skin.

School Holidays.  I love them.  It’s crazy but it’s true.  We seem to be busier than ever but in a different way and we still manage to get everything done because we are not clock watching.  The first person to wake does so around 8 o’clock.  It’s not me.  And by the time everyone else is up, pancakes are made, orange juice is poured and everyone is full and happy.  Ready to meet the day.

Verruca(s).  A strange one, agreed.  But my joy is we have managed to banish verrucas on two boys all within weeks of each other.  We began the gentle treatment in February of this year and saw great results.    

The swimming pool.  What goes hand in hand with good weather?  Besides ice-cream.  The swimming pool.  Or any kind of pool.  We have been going to our local leisure centre every day and loving it.  Such is our enthusiasm, we wore still wet swimming gear on a visit this week. 

Alex and Ani bangles.  Just click on this link for gorgeousness.  Be warned – I went in to buy just one and ended up putting another aside.  They. Are. Gorgeous. And I. Want. Them. All.

A certain inner calm.  Which is probably linked to the school holidays and kicking back a little.  I cannot tell you (because you probably understand) what it is like not to be tied to a clock each day.  Not to be cooking meals all the time.  We take each day as it comes and enjoy it. 

Summer reading.  I love a good read.  Our second boy has discovered the joy of reading lately.  He is reading for pleasure and not because it’s homework.  It’s great to see.  I have my own library for our week away but I am waiting on two more.  It’s hard when they are sitting there, looking at me and I want to keep them for reading on the beach. It’s like having biscuits in your press; you know they’re there but you shouldn’t.  You can’t!   

Pop Up Races.   A novel and fantastic idea, the brainchild of two brothers who take their 5k pop up race to a number of different towns each week.  You can register online  or sign up on the night.  They have been in Athy twice now with a fantastic turnout each time.  The 5k route takes place along the banks of the scenic River Barrow.

My boys. Not just a Joy Pocket for July but for all year round.  Yes, it’s hard being around them all the time.  Yes, it’s frustrating and boring.  *she said boring* Yes, she definitely said boring.  That’s because it is boring.  But I am aware of how lucky I am to be with them every day.  After all, no-one else can wipe backsides and serve up fresh pasta with an out-of-a-bag-sauce like I can. All joking aside, now that I am out  the other side I can finally see how quickly time really does pass.

And with that in mind, I am determined to enjoy the rest of the school break because after all, when else am I going to get a proper chance to just kick back and enjoy life as it happens?  

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  1. I think you enjoyed the vacation... I been to that place few years back