Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Five High Fives

On this most auspicious week in June it has come to my attention, not for the first time, I have much to be thankful for.

First off your health is your wealth springs to mind immediately.  Okay so my back doesn’t wake up for a half an hour after the rest of me these days but a regime of running, a 30 day ab challenge and some morning stretches is either going to cure that or make it much worse.

‘Course I am going to scoop that 12 million lottery jackpot tonight and I won’t give a fiddlers about my back or my abs.  It will be all about the spending.

Secondly school holidays are just around the corner.  For the last couple of years I have dreaded and embraced them in equal measures.  They are going to be great and they are going to push me over the edge.  But I am taking wine for that so I should be grand.

My third high five sees me arriving at a conclusion with the help of a small person.   For the last few months two of our boys have taken agin school.  One is in primary school and has, god love him, no choice in the matter.  The other chap is luckier.  It is only Montessori and there are all of three weeks left till he finishes for ever and ever amen.  Both boys have experienced different but equal amounts of stress and distress over their respective schools.  A teacher and a principal have my older sons back and I have decided to listen to my gut with the other.  He doesn’t need to go to school if he doesn’t want to.  Hopefully this decision will put an end to the sudden 5am wake ups and the constant “is it school today?” questions from the night before, to the early wake up and through the remainder of the day.  The older boy I fear, will need gentle assistance and some positive guidance but we can work on that in September.  After I check out some resources and chat to a couple of people.

No. 4 covers school reports.  These arrived today and made me smile and glow with pride.  Formal education is important but I focused on the social aspect of their reports.  Whilst I disagreed somewhat with one report and wondered if all the impromptu meetings and phone calls were just an out of body experience, Oldest Boy’s didn’t surprise me at all.  He’s grand. More than and I hope he continues to grow, to learn and enjoy his education.

The big five.  A phone call I have been waiting for since Easter has finally come through.  It will involve some “s- blend” speech therapy.  It’s been a bit of a pain and ongoing since January with the revelation that we needn’t have spent a single penny.  But what’s done is done and I am expecting great results as he was flying with the private sessions.

And finally.  The Leaving Cert began today.  Thank god that part of my life is over.

Oh wait.  Was that 6 high fives?  Aren’t I lucky? 


  1. Lovely, Gwen, don't forget us when you've got those Lotto winnings in your hand!

  2. Love it, so much to be grateful for and so nice to take time to realise it๐Ÿ˜Š