Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Few of my Favourite Things

Some of the nicest things in my world are:

The smell of my boys.  As squeaky clean babies and smelly, dirty ragamuffins.

Freshly baked bread.  Anywhere.

A drink of cold water when I am thirsty.

A belly laugh.

A good run.

A tepid shower in the morning to wake me.

Decent coffee.  With cake.  With friends.

Sunlight on my face.

Waking up in good form.

My boy coming home from school grinning from ear to ear.  Different to the one I had to coax out of his nest at 8.20am with all sorts of bribes in order to get him to school.  I fear it is only going to get harder but for now I have to run with what I am given.

A tall glass filled with ice and a G&T fizzing inside it.

Hugs and kisses from my boys.

A new book.

A good cry.

A glass of beer.

“A-ha” moments.  Big, small and in between.

Sun showers with rainbows.

Connecting with someone.

The time I saw something that I knew one of the boys would love but I didn’t have enough money at the time so I hid it.  When we went back two days later, it was still there in its hiding place. 

Waking up and it’s 8 o’clock.  8 o’clock!  That’s a lie on, that is!

When Smallest Boy wakes up and is not yet ready to join the world, choosing instead to sit on my knee for a love until he is.

My boys getting the hang of their bicycles.

That first noticeable stretch in the evenings.

May day.

My boys’ shadows in the garden during early summer.

Spotting the first summer swallow.

That scant glass of wine left in the bottle for a middle of the week sup. 

That last one is a lie.  I prefer a whole bottle of wine.

The older I get the more I realise it is the little things in life from which we derive the most enjoyment.


  1. I love your Favourite Things list... it has also made me start to ponder my own list. Thanks, lovely post

    1. Thanks Naomi. Today was one of those days where I went back and read it a few times just to remind myself exactly how good I have it.

  2. I love this many familiar things on it, couldn't agree more that it is the small things in life that truly bring happiness

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I read something very recently about how too much television can turn our kids into selfish and aggressive adults -the rat race dements us with what we feel we should have as opposed to what we actually need. It made a lot of sense.

  3. Wonderful list... And as Elizabeth said...: it's the small things :-)

    1. It is Emily. Now all I have to do is remember that!