Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Pat on the Back

Today I am giving myself a little pat on the back.  Why?  Purely because I feel like it. 

I am managing, for the most part, to raise healthy and happy kids.  They may go to bed with dirt under their fingernails but they are fed and warm.  And I get them there.  I get them to the end of the day and all of them in one piece.

I also get myself washed, dressed and fed.  Okay sometimes the food part is hit and miss but I have yet to leave the house wearing odd shoes.

There are days when I can’t see the forest for the trees.  It all seems so endless, so fruitless and the frustration I feel knows no bounds.  Those times can run into weeks and I go a bit ka-BLUE-y at the end. 

Then I found this.

I told myself to pin it to the fridge where I would see it a million times a day and just breathe.

On yet another day when I was struggling, this presented itself to me.

Trust what’s happening.
Trust it will be okay.
Trust all is well.

It comes from an uplifting blog post on and you can read it in its entirety here.

That single word trust has been my mantra for the last while.  During those days when I can’t see that forest for all of the crazy trees.  When my head is splitting with noise levels and frustration.

I trust that it is happening for a reason.  I trust that it will be okay and I trust all is well.

In fact, I know all is well.

That is why I am patting myself on the back.  And because I feel like it.  


  1. Why thank you so much for that :-) I am so glad it touched you... It IS my mantra these days, keeps me calm when I feel anxious... I think it's often a matter of constant practice, learning to keep calm and let it all wash over you... Easier said than done though!!!! I'm constantly working on it!!!

  2. What a wonderful reminder.... and I took found that lovely post about trust to be just what I needed to hear on the day I read it :)