Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Quotes, Jokes and other Stuff

It was a week for changes. 

Changes when I wasn’t looking.  Yet another developmental leap to remind me that time and child alike wait for no man.  Or mother.

I was enjoying those couple of hours every day when Smallest Boy went for his little siesta.  
It never mattered what time he went to sleep; he always slept for two hours.

I got lots done.  Sometimes it was real work.  Sometimes it was drinking coffee and emptying my head of thoughts and words.

But it was two hours with one less person to tend to. 

One day this week, Smallest Boy decided he had better things to do than sleep.

Like this.

I should have seen it coming I suppose.  He has been stretching his nap later and later every day.  It is just another thing to go as he continues on his journey towards independence.

It was a week for unexpected feelings.

We met boy girl twins at Group this week.  Two teeny tiny squishes, no bigger than a child’s doll. On this earth four weeks but really it was their due date. The little one was a pink scrap that managed to reach out with her starfish hands and not only charm Lovely Liam, but awaken dormant and scary broody feelings inside me.   I thought I was done with all of that.

Lovely Liam was a bit fascinated with them.  Never before has a girl baby had her head rubbed so softly or her tiny hand held with such reverence.  On our return home he said to me, “those little babies were so cute, my eyes, ears and head almost DEE-SPLODED!”

My heart!

It was a week for powerful statements. 

The public health nurse was also present at group.  My group.  My saviour.  My social outlet.  My support network.    She said, “There is nothing like the power of women when they meet together like this.”

It was a week for parent teacher meetings.

I am thankful I go in there knowing I am going to hear only good and encouraging things about our boys.  But mostly I want to know they are enjoying school, are mannerly, and honing their social etiquette skills.   

It was a week for jokes.

Oldest Boy is going through a comedic phase at the moment and using me as a guinea pig for his made up jokes.  Thankfully he has one or two that actually work and have made me laugh.  I suspect, however, these two were “found” somewhere.  Nevertheless I would like to share them with you.

“What do you call a dinosaur that sat on a sharp stone?  A mega-sore-arse!”

"What do you call a dinosaur what’s blind?  Do-you-think-he-sawrus?”

How has your week been so far?

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