Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Letters I never Send

This is a lovely therapeutic one.  I’ve done it loads of times without even realising it was called something and better still, had a purpose.

It does exactly as it says on the tin; write letters but don’t send them.

Or to be more exact and 21st century, write emails, blog posts or Facebook replies.  I have written tomes, thousands of words and deleted them all without sending any.


Well, for a couple of reasons. 

The first one mainly is because once it’s written and I read over it, I always think jesus, I can’t send that! 

I am afraid I will upset or offend someone if I’ve been too honest or too contrary and so I delete the message. 

But I feel great.  It’s very therapeutic.  I’ve gotten a grievance off my chest and no matter that it was sent to cyber space; it’s achieved its purpose.

Try it sometime.

It’s great.

You can write it out longhand and then rip it up afterwards.  All that aggressive shredding.   

Great altogether. 

Or if you’re of a mind to, set it on fire.  Burn the shit out of it.  Set fire to your anger, hurt or upset and then rid yourself of it in a cleansing fire ritual.

Take the 21st century approach and type it all up on Microsoft Word, highlight it and hit the delete button. 

This is the way I do it but I have to admit it doesn’t sound half as satisfying as lighting a fire.

I might try that next time.

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