Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Joy Pockets for June

Lantern from Bradbury's, Athy

A wonderful month in general.  It started out with glorious, unheard of in Ireland continuous sunshine for more than 5 days.  Hay fever arrived along with rashy feet, cross, sticky and contrary kids but it was lovely.  The good weather makes it all so much easier, don’t you think?

It really felt like summer and all of a sudden thoughts of looming school holidays, freedom for 8 weeks, weren’t so bad. How could they be when the kids spend all of their time outside, covered in sun block and filth, coming in tired but happy and eating for Ireland.   

Then collapsing into bed to sleep soundly and if I remember correctly, we may even have gotten an extra hour in the morning once or twice.

Yes, life is so much nicer with a bit of yellow, melty, buttery sunshine.

These are my lovely joy pockets for June.

Ice cream, lots of lovely cold ice cream for lunch.  Double choc chip, honeycomb, mini Cornetos, mini magnums.  What’s not to like?

Jugs filled with home-made smoothies.  Demands for more. 

Finding a park not too far away from us.  That makes another excellent place for us to visit during the holidays.

Lovely soothing, cooling dips in the swimming pool.

K Leisure, Athy

The kids needing only two items of clothes namely and shorts and a t-shirt.  And a most welcome text from the school saying they can be worn during the good weather.   

Discovering that Smallest Boy will be going to school (two and a half years down the line but still) with a buddy from group!  I decided I am more comfortable with him starting at 5 years 4 months.  I think it’s much better, for boys in particular, to start school that little bit later.

Bird House in Bradbury's Athy

Music of choice for June was a forgotten Scottish gem called kt Tunstall.  By chance I discovered her third album was released this month so I dug out her previous ones.  She is amazing.  Love her! 

Planting sunflower seeds in some toilet roll tubes as I have never managed to get sunflowers past the seedling stage.  Despite what the packet said, they all sprouted within two days!  Let’s see how we go from here, though.

Getting a text message from my sister informing me about a bike propped up against railings not too far from me with a big piece of paper bearing the word FREE taped to it.  I felt guilty taking it for nothing so I got a very decent mountain bike for myself for the princely sum of €30!    

Making thank you cards for the teachers as Gaeilge for end of school year.  I got such a kick out of a couple of crayons, some ready made daisy flowers and stiff paper.  They looked lovely too!

From midday tomorrow I am going to have the four boys with me all the time for 8 weeks.  It is both terrifying and strangely exhilarating.  Exhilarating because I will be free from the routine of school life for that time.  Terrifying for the same reasons but I am going to practise something I like the sound of. 

There is nothing I can do to change the school holidays so I may as well accept it.  And by recognising the uselessness in trying to change something that cannot be changed, I am supposed to feel a sense of calm.

Kind of like the serenity prayer.    

For all of you facing into the summer break, this is for you.  Enjoy it!  It’s only 8 weeks out of your entire life.  (Gulp!)

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