Friday, 24 May 2013

Joy Pockets for May

 The weather still isn’t all that and neither is my running.  My 10k envy is growing by the week and I am still no nearer to reaching my target.  No matter, I am still enjoying, very much, getting in three to four runs a week.  The time is passing and pretty soon school will be finished for the summer.  Shortly after that we have our Summer Holidays proper to look forward to – a blissful week in Rosslare with family.  Can’t wait for that.  In the meantime, here are the lovely  joyful pockets that happened to me lately.

Making family shadows in the May Day sunshine

Pieta house darkness into light

One of the boys finding a powder blue bird’s egg shell in the garden.  Even if the weather didn’t reflect it, there was new life somewhere very near.

Walking down a busy street and seeing a starling chick literally fall from its nest above mine and Smallest Boy’s head.  The chick fluttered to the safety of the kerb and both of us watched, as he took his first, proper but stutter, flaps to the sky and off to safety.

Watching the lads play for all of 46 seconds with a couple of tins of much wanted Silly String.

Curled up with Lovely Liam and Smallest Boy, watching the first twenty minutes of Pixar’s Up.  What a love story!

Finishing a really good book called The Herbalist by Niamh Boyce, an up and coming writer from my home town.  I am proud and privileged to have received a preview copy.

A bit of a yucky one but still a relief of sorts for me.  Smallest Boy was weaned off his plaster, his nail promptly fell off a day later and already there is the cutest, pinkest little shell growing back.

Baking ginger nut crunches, choux pastry and mini cupcakes all in one morning.  I love to bake.

Here’s the shallow bit.  Finally sourcing a Max Factor Mini bottle of Intensely Plum.  This stuff just could not be found.  Every shop I tried in three towns had a little empty lane in their stand where the bottle should be.  Empty.  But now I’ve got it!  Or at least I will by the time the weekend is over!  I warned you it was a shallow one!

Being granted our GP cards by The Very Important People Who Make You Jump Through Fire Hoops In The HSE.  And discovering we are too wealthy to be granted the Medical Card because we are 21c a week over the limit. 

Coming home from a swimming lesson with the boys and feeling really Zen.  Every second week, funnily, seems to work like that.    They had a great time too.

Making plans on the way home from the lesson to visit the new diner in town some evening after the pool.

 And this, tonight, right now.  Because I’m fekin worth it!

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